About Us

Over past few years, ­security in general have evolves. New threats have emerge that force us to see security from a different angle. Smart ­Technology sees security as not only to ­response to an ­incident but also the prevention and ­containment of the threat. We see the ­modern threat on five main category, which are ­Chemical, ­Biological, radiation, Nuclear and ­Explosives (CBRNE). These five items is what we ­encounter in everyday life, ­however as ­technology and knowledge evolve and improve, so do the threat. The improvement in science and technology have ­modernize our world but also cause new security threat.

Smart Technology is developed to focus on countering the new threat of CBRNE both on security and safety perspective. We work around Asia

pacific with some of the biggest organization to ­improve security and safety in general.

As a global citizen, we see our role not only in security but to offer products and services that redefine security. Our company is not only in the business of security but also in the business of innovation. This mean we listen to not only the customer’s needs but also what they want. At Smart Technology, we always want to understand the customer dream so we can offer them a solution that is purely inspirational. We have always succeed in business by offering our customer another way, a better way. Our capability to see our customers not only as people that purchase our product and services but as partners is what drives this company.

The key for us is to be able to ma­nage reality and ambition both for our customer and for the company. Managing the customer expectation by understanding their aspiration and ambition while at the same time ­knowing the l­imitation of technologies and knowledge is the foundation on which this company is build upon.

As the threat evolve over time so do Smart Technology. We are always making sure that we are one step ahead both in our product range and services. We are ready to be your partner in shaping a safe and secure tomorow.

•     To be the expert and central point for CBRNE related matter
•     To improve security and safety in Asia pacific
•     To create value and make a difference

People : To ensure our people are responsible, committed, trustworthy, knowledgeable, efficient and productive
Environment : To create a place where people can think outside the box and be the best they can be
Portfolio : To bring our clients the best & latest products, information and services that meet their security needs
Planet : To be responsible citizen that makes a difference by building and supporting sustainable community