Portable hand-held system for the rapid detection and identification of explosive, narcotics or CWA/TIC.
ACE-ID is a next-generation, handheld raman identifier. Superior field-portable Raman spectrometer for fast and accurate identification of unknown chemicals.
Next generation handheld for solid and liquid chemical identifier that combines high performance with simplicity and fast analysis.
Next generation portable GC/MS chemical identifier and mixture analysis system.
Laboratory bio technology application in field based detection of pathogens with integrated sample preparation and easy to use format.
The only world-known rapid bacterial ATP assay.
Small and simple equipment to identify biological agents.
Flexible, effective and user friendly to identify radioactive.

– Stair Climb / descend capability
– Using auto configuration
– Maximum stair angle 45 degrees
– maximum riser & tread 200mm
– Steeper angles possible with manual configuration