Explosive and Narcotics

Smart Technology explosive detectors have the capability to detect and identify explosive substances and even be used as trace detectors. Both handhelds and stationary detectors can use swaps or vapor samples.

All of our explosive detector can detect and identify both explosive and narcotic substances. Some of them are even ruggedized and are capable to detect and identify explosive and narcotics using one sample. They have very low false alarm and high speed of detection to allow high throughput. They can detect and identify even the latest form of explosives like PETN and other plastic explosives.

This equipment is design to surpress the impact of ­detonation, reducing the blast radius and most ­importantly minimizing the shrapnel impact. This equipment should be the the first step precaution in handling explosive threats or unknown packages. It is very simple to use and easy to deploy and store.
Highly sensitivity detectors for screening and iden­ti­­fying the threat of explosive and narcotic threats. It can pick up substance as low as nanogram level.

Our identification equipments provide the user the information they need on an unknown samples. Our equipment range can be suited for almost all type of chemicals and narcotics. Different ­technologies such as RAMAN, FTIR and GC-MS can be used as both ­portable or stationary, for field use or for lab ­purposes.

The suit is design for personnel who need to get close to explosive threats. It is design to increase the ­survivability rate when the explosive detonate. Our suit provide the user with unique combination of safety, flexibility and comfort to maximize ­mobility and ­effectiveness of the user during missions, ­especially in harsh environment.