X-Ray & Metal Detector

Smart Technology metal detectors, both walkthrough and handheld, have the most up to date technology. The detectors offer high sensitivity without sacrificing selectivity, which means it will give alarm to specific metal not just any kind of metal. Almost all of our metal detectors have multi zone sensors to let the user know which area of the body the metal lays.

Our detectors also have high immunity to noise which means that the metal detectors can stand closer to each other and can be placed in places that other metal detector cannot perform. Some of the detectors are waterproof and can be used in ships. Some metal detectors are available in new elliptic design to make it look more friendly and easy on the eye.

Our metal detectors not only meet the standards but exceeds it. They set a new bench mark for high end security places like the Airports.

Our cargo Xray machine is specially design to handle cargo from small scale to large scale cargo. We make sure that our cargo Xray could have great penetration of big cargo and also handle the high load and ­throughput requirements.

Our Conventional Xray machine provide high resolution scan for fast and reliable results when you want it and where you need it.

A development from a normal metal detector, the new system is design for weapon detection, thus ­increase selectivity and reduce false alarm.

Our Portable Xray machine enables the customer to investigate the  object without having to move it. It ­offers the user great mobility and flexibility.