CBRNE Consultancy

Some of our programs:

Our accredited Trainers and Subject Matter experts will tailor an in-house or external program to suit your organizational needs. The course material is targeted to all employees who produce, transport, store or handle Dangerous Good’s. Coursework includes but not limited to training on classification of materials, relevant legislation, Personal Protective Equipment, spills and Incident Reporting.
All forms of Organizational or Personal Threats, whether Natural, Terrorist, or Criminal, must be assessed based on the relative probability and impact of their potential occurrence. Likewise, the identification and prioritization of Vulnerabilities in a system, represents the final link in the Risk Management chain (ISO 3100).
Our Security Professionals will work with your Team to customize a site or systems “Master Plan” that includes all relevant physical, technological and organic resources.
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is the science of deterring criminal behavior by incorporating mitigating design elements into building and landscape plans. Our Subject Matter Experts will teach you how to incorporate CPTED principles into all new or existing construction and Project plans.
Our team of specialists has the system design and construction expertise to cover all aspects of your security solution. With turnkey design and general contractor services, our teams ensure that you have the resources needed to implement even the most highly specialized security solutions.
Our specialized analysts are always available to provide specific recommendation such as travel security information, emergency planning on reducing vulnerability to potential threats, Best methods of travel security briefs and even advice on etiquette and protocol.
We design and install our safe room, vaults even high and lab including BSL 3+4 according to customers requested size, location and specific needs, our security structures, safe rooms, ballistic protection system are designed and engineered to meet or exceed the industry standards and will provide excellent protection against most attacks.