Our background checks program is design for screening personnel who have a criminal background and/or negative work history. Background checks are important for several reasons. Many employers want to ensure that a prospective employee will not be a risk due to his background. Or, a business simply might want to check out a potential investor. A background check can provide critical information in hiring or other business decisions.
A diligent, discreet investigation will uncover facts, maximize opportunities, create competitive advantages and provide the critical information needed to resolve Criminal and Civil disputes. Our experienced Team of licensed Investigators are ready to apply their expertise quickly and confidentially.
We use mock real-world attacks on your organization’s infrastructure executed by dedicated staff of security experts. Our penetration testing methodology includes working with your team to identify the threats to your organization, the key assets that may be at risk, and the threat agents that may attempt to compromise them. Throughout the engagement, our team stays in close contact with your organization to provide ongoing status reports, immediate identification of critical risks, and knowledge transfer to your technical team.
We work with you to fit seamlessly into your business and your client won’t even know that you’re using subcontracted services. We can supply fully licensed and vetted officers with short or long term contract requirements; we work with organizations of every size, in a variety of sectors and find candidates who are the perfect match.
This Security Workshop or Seminar is designed to provide an initial understanding of the features, This is aimed at anyone who has had exposure to Security information and plans, wishes to increase their technical understanding and information of what are the main resolution steps for common issues and learn the best-practices on Personal Threats, whether Natural, Terrorist, or Criminal impact of their potential occurrence.