Training & Certification

Smart Technology Training & Certification Division is a simple yet powerful tool that will change the way people interact,
think and act. It promotes the kind of productive ­interaction and creative Security problem solving that is vital to
success for your company.

The program is the opportunity to learn at your own pace as you complete the academic ­requirements for ­certification. Throughout, you will have the ­support of an experienced, enthusiastic teacher who is ­committed to your success. Our trainers comes from a range of background and expertise. We combine local as well  as international experts and teachers so our graduates have a complete education experience. One of our Training ­program is a Professional Security Certification.
Our range of program varies as we offer fully customize program as well as general programs.

Some of our programs:


Our experienced Team of licensed Investigators are ready to apply their expertise by providing class training on the investigation course tailored to your organization.


Bombing and the threat of being bombed are harsh realities in today’s world. The public is becoming more aware of those incidents of violence that are perpetrated by vicious, nefarious segments of our society through the illegal use of explosives, With our experienced Trainers we offer Best practice in handling Bomb Threat Situation.


We combine a variety of teaching , The training covers in detail the issues and stress points that exist in each stage of the intelligence process or intelligence cycle such as: requirements, collection, analysis, dissemination, policy consumption and covert action.


Executive Protection (EP) or Close Personal Protection (CPP) Professionals provide specialized Security measures tailored to the safety of VIP’s. Our training covers all aspects of Executive Protection, including Threat Assessments, Planning, Evasive Driving, Special Weapons and Tactics, and First Aid.


Our anti- and counter-surveillance training can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirements, the most effective and proven methods with which to detect hostile surveillance against fixed and mobile assets and personnel.


Our safety training solutions integrate award-winning learning technologies and compelling course content to increase safety awareness and safe behaviors. From driver safety training to OSHA compliance training, Our experienced team has the tools to help protect your employees from injury and illness and your organization from the high costs of noncompliance.


In every organization, individuals represent the first line of defence against internal and external Threats. The most efficient way to improve organizational response and resilience, is by creating a culture of shared Security values and awareness, throughout the entire Employee population. Our Security Professionals can tailor programs aimed at large or small groups, consisting of Management or Line Staff. Our comprehensive Program includes critical content such as:
* Assessing Threats and Vulnerabilities
* Understanding Behavioral Profiling
* Identifying Suspicion Indicators
* Improving Observation skills
* Escalating Response options
* Communication and Incident Reporting