At Smart Technology we expect our people to be a part fo a society, the Smart Technology society. We want our employee, people and customers to grow together with the company. We pay very close attention to the development of our people. Our training programe always evolve to ensure that our people have the most complete and updated information and knowledge on related technogies, concept and issues. We want our people to be one step ahead of everybody else. We combine both internal and external traing programe to ensure everyone receive the training they need to maintain the high quality of work expected of them. When you join the Smart technology community, you are a part of an elite group of people, where Good enough is not in our dictionary as we always strive for perfection in everything that we do so we can always exceed the customer expectation.
To achieve the ligh level of performance, team work become the foundation of our company. Team work is very important in every piece of work we do, because we draw on everyone’s knowledge and skills to ensure all the work that we co is of the highest quality. The diversity in Smart Technology is one of our secret for sucess. We believe diversity in work place improves performance. Collective knowledge, skills and background of our people is the strength behind our sucess. This diversity also assist us in pushing for innovation and creativity.

Smart technology people are highly skill, creative and think entrenurially, experience, ambisious and team oriented.
By having the right group of people, mix in our commitment for development of our people, team work oriented culture, and the diversity in our company, we are sure we can always grow together.In Smart Techlogy our people will always be the most important part of our business, they are the one that ensure we meet our short tem commitments and our people is where we concentrate our investment to ensure the company meet our long term goal.

• First of all you do’t just work at Smart Technology, we expect our people to build a career in the compay as we grow together
• Have an impact and be a part of a company that improve security and safety in Asia Pacific
• Be inspired and challenged with new areas such as chemical and biological security
• Be apart of as team that think outside the box
• Work and interact with some of the best international experts from around the world

Safety of the employee and the organization is of the paramount important to the company. Every decision made need to have safety on high consideration.

Corporate image to the public is one of the most crucial aspects in any organization. Every Decision and action made by any employee of the company should be in compliance with the corporate branding that have been decided.

The Company sees customer satisfaction as the fundamental aspect in the survivability and success of the business. Providing our customer with the best professional service is one of the foundations where this company is build upon. Thus every employee of the company is expected to not only ensure every customer are being taken care of to the high standard of the company but also are able and to actually manage the customer expectation on all of our products and services.

Job Opportunities

A Career at Smart Technology

Smart Technology has exciting opportunities for employment in many of our departments.

Because we expect quality work from our quality people, we reward them with outstanding pay and benefits, comprehensive training opportunities, and the chance to advance as fast and far as their talent and ambition will allow.

Current Openings

Posted Job Title Category Location
26 – Oct – 2015 Sales Executive Sales Jakarta
26 – Oct -2015 Sales Manager Sales Jakarta
26 – Oct – 2011 Sales Executive Sales Jakarta