CBRNE Solutions

Smart Technology provides a whole range of CBR (­Chemical, ­Biological, Radioactive) ­equipment and technologies for ­decting ­unknown CBR threats. Our ­equipment range from personal detectors until a stand-alone ­detectors that can be fully integrated. Our detction equipmets gives the user the early warning system that they need.
The process of identification is not a simple matter. Here in Smart T­echnology we not only have the equipment, but also the solution and the best method to do Identification of unknown materials, so our customers can decide what to do next in a crisis situation. Our range of Identification equipments use a range of different ­technologies such as IMS, FRIR, and infrared technologies.
Sometimes portable and filed use equipments have their limitation, which is why Smart Technology also offers Lab and analytical solution and equipment for our customers that need to get a more detail and complex answers. Our range of lab equipmets can be use for chemial, biological, radiation or nuclear and explosive labs to identify and quantify different substances and complex mixtures.
COVID-19 lgG/lgM Rapid test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of lgG and lgM an????bodies to COVID-19 in human whole blood, serum or plasma specimen with only 10 minutes assay time. The combination use of lgG and lgM test can detect virus infection and immune status of the body effectively.
Aerosafe is a smart, state of the art decontamination system that kills Viruses, Bacteria, Spores, and Fungi. It works for the decontamination of the air, surfaces, and sensitive equipment such as electronics components. The system is design for 24-hour operation and safe for humans. The system works by using Micronice Technology to split particles to bellow 5 microns, allowing our decontamination solution to behave and act like a gas, covering rooms and surfaces evenly, while leaving no residue or smell.