Hologram tables are large, flat surfaces with an embedded projection system. The device projects objects inside that look like they are rising out of the surface of the table up to roughly 1 meter.

A mixed-reality display designed to deliver products or artifacts in combination with 4-sided holographic video elements, allowing you to combine physical products with 3D holographic content.
A Hologram Wall is a device that makes what appears to be a “window” or “portal” that pushes into a wall. It also makes holograms that extend out from the wall and into the room.
Walk around with our 360º scanning device and create holographic tours of real-world places. Holographic tours can then be replayed on the hologram wall.

The device consists of 360º camera on a long pole with positioning and accuracy lasers on the bottom, it weighs 9kgs.
A person carries this device around the environment they want to scan.

The scan is then brought into our special software which converts it into a holographic tour.

Conferences can put holograms on stage. These do not require the audience to wear any glasses to see.
A Hologram Room is a large room/box made of a metal frame and fabric. Inside the rooms are projectors and tracing equipment that project objects inside that appear to be floating in the air. The Hologram Room’s walls make the space look much bigger on the inside as it appears the walls turn invisible so that it looks like you are in a large open space.