CBRNE Protection

Our negative pressure mask gives user the protection they need against dangerous gas and particles in the air. The mask is design to take into ­consideration different face stucture and climate.

This quipment offer the user higher comfort and safety level than ne­gative pressure mask. Its sensors and motor keep the pressure inside the mask possitive.
Our self contain breathing apa­ratus gives the user the ­capability to enter into dangerous envi­ronments with clean supply of air.
The protection suit made from very high quality material that ensure the wearer fully ­protected and yet still be comfortable enough so they will able to do their mission in the harsh and ­unforgiving environment.

Our biological container is design to contain unknown biological threats and material. It gives the user the capability to check, test and transport the threat in a safe environment.
The ReadiMask N95 NIOSH Certified substantially reduces your risk of inhalation of infectious organisms, but it does not eliminate 100% of the risk of inhaling aerosols or the risk of exposure to, or of contracting, any disease or infection.