Smart Technology is made of many international and local experts. These experts offer valuable opportunity for organization to get consultation and guidance on CBRNE related matter, from building a lab, ­improving safety in a lab, material handling, SOP, capability building and grand design to name a few. They can help you and your organization to reduce security and safety risk. read more
Smart Technology training division is in charge for organizing training and conferences design to raise awareness, improve skill and understanding, networks and information flow between people in the security industry. Our training and other activities will always evolve, ensuring the topic and materials are as current and relevant as possible. read more
Our maintenance and servicing department have some of the best trained and experience engineer in Asia pacific. Our mobile technical lab offer great flexibi­lity on maintaining and servicing your asset so it will work 100% when you need it where you need it. Our team have been involve in many important functions such as presidential visits and Asean Summit. read more